How It Works

With just a few clicks, your team will have a full breakdown of your customers and their order history, as well as full access to your online inventory that they can seamlessly incorporate into their outreach in order to drive sales across any channel.

  • Customers are imported in the form of profiles that include tags, order history and contact info
  • Inventory is imported with all the details from your platform including product images, stock count and sizing

How others have taken advantage.

  • Send thank-you notes to customers who recently shopped with you
  • Personalize product recommendations to customers based on what products or product categories they've purchased in the past
  • Check in on customers who have been absent for longer than expected
  • Market exclusive offers to customers based on loyalty or likelihood of conversion

No demos or calls with our sales team until you’re ready — in which case we’d love to chat!

Not on Shopify? No Problem.

Arthur also works with Magento and WooCommerce. Contact us to learn more about how to get started.

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